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Biblioteca Inc. is a Library Management company specializing in the creation and maintenance of in-house and on-line library systems for the architectural, engineering, interior design and construction industries.

We facilitate on demand access, and the retrieval of, critical industry data for products, suppliers and reference materials. We provide it in a user-friendly, easily accessible format customized to individual firm’s requirements.

We focus on delivering our expertise and knowledge of product information to better equip design professionals to deliver theirs.

This results in the maximization of a client’s technical library investment through enhanced efficiency, creativity, and profitability.

Biblioteca Inc. has pioneered an innovative library management system (LMS), which computerizes existing physical libraries and provides current online access to thousands of additional products, samples, references and periodicals. This comprehensive database is continuously expanding. 

On-line Library Management System (LMS) - delivering essential and current industry information to our your computer

  • Sources, compiles, and filters products and suppliers specific to the parameters of each individual firm’s needs.
  • Enables firms with satellite offices to share library resources, alleviating the need to duplicate libraries within your different offices.
  • Allows firms with physical space restraints to expand exponentially.
  • Identifies environmentally friendly products as verified by Green Alberta, as well as identifying locally made options.

Some features included in the Biblioteca Library Management System (LMS) include, on-demand access to:

Products - list of manufacturers, local suppliers, environmentally friendly products and their respective contact information including web links.

Periodicals - client specific list of periodicals, a master list of periodicals and a tool for researching building types and projects referenced in the periodicals.

References - client list of references including design books, standards, bylaws and codes, as well as a master list of references, on-line links and the contacts to purchase these references.

Associations – a list of associations in North America including the association web link.

On-line Library Management System (LMS) (continued)

Municipalities – a list of municipalities including the web link to the municipalities’ websites and link to their publications.

Projects - comprehensive project history database for drawings, reports, specifications, proposals, project files, images and other relevant correspondence accessible by firm members only, and customizable for each firm.

Library Sign-Out System - automated tracking system of library items signed in and out of a client’s library.

Library Management System (LMS) Cost:

The “Product and Company” Search Option is a free service provided to you by Biblioteca Inc. In addition the LMS also offers Value Add Options for an annual site licensing fee:

Value Add Options:

  • Publication (References & Periodicals) Option
  • Library Inventory Option for all library material
  • Signout/Return Option
  • Client Notes and Search Notes Option
  • Switch Office Location Search Option
  • Environmental/LEED® information with a Canadian made filter
  • Training to a maximum of 4 hrs
  • Ongoing updates for Value Add Options

Annual Site Licensing Fees
Value Add Options

Number of Employees

Biblioteca Subscription Fees

1-5 employees   & Non Profit


6-20    employees


21-50 employees


51-100 employees


101+ employees


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